Saturday, January 19, 2019

28mm Calpe Saxon Command

Here are a few shots of a group of 10 divisional and brigade-level commanders I did for my small (but growing) Napoleonic Saxon army.  The goal is to have a healthy division of two brigades, each with 5-7 battalions and a battery in support.  So far, I have three line battalions and an artillery battery finished, with a fourth line battalion on the table, ready to be painted.  I'm going with GMB Designs for the flags.

These figures are from Calpe, as are all my Saxons (save for the artillery, which are from Westfalia [now Black Hussar] Miniatures).  They're gorgeous, and I am sorry my rapidly diminishing painting skills just can't seem to do them justice.  I reckon that if my divisional commander (red trousers) has been painted with a confused, bewildered, concerned look on his face, I've won.

Most of my Napoleonic Prussians are from Calpe, as well - the landwehr, cavalry, reserve infantry, commanders and artillery.  Calpe has also provided all my French infantry.  I have Perry plastics for the Prussian line infantry, and hope to have some shots of those on the way.  I'm struggling to take good photos of my troops in my current settings, so I hope to have some solutions worked out in short order.