Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Dilemma....

I'm trying to figure out what I'll be doing down the road as far as my painting goes. Here are the projects that I have going at present:

28mm ECW (for Warhammer English Civil War)
15mm Alexander/Persians (from Xyston, based for Basic Impetus)
15mm WW2 (Russians and Hungarians from Flames of War, based for God-knows-what)
28mm Marian Romans/Gauls (in plastic, from Wargames Factory and Warlord, based for WAB)


Napoleonics. But what scale?

I purchased a box of the Perry plastic French infantry, then got lucky and scored four French 6-lb. guns and 24 crew, also from Perry, through Bartertown for only $30. I've also picked up an occasional extra command pack or two, plus a pack of mounted colonels - also from Perry. I finished painting up the box of Perry plastic French infantry, but then started looking around my basement, trying to figure out what I'm going to do with them!

As best I can guess, I will probably be playing on a 4'x6' table. I like the look of big battalions, so I thought I would go with 24 figures. I base 2x2 (two in front, two figures in back) on a 40mm square base. The resulting battalion is enormously wide, and takes up a ton of room. I could base the figures at sixteen per battalion, but that arrangement makes the battalion look like a color guard, not a ferocious, all-conquering juggernaut.

So, I thought perhaps I'd shelve the 28mm route, and go with 10mm. No one has nice-enough looking figures save for Old Glory (this is my opinion only, you understand), but the flags are cast-on, and I abhor painting flags - especially undersized ones. So, what to do?

I have not yet seen the Old Glory 10mm in person - I've only seen photos - so I think I'm going to order a pack, paint it, and see how I like it before deciding for certain and taking the plunge. Photos and full report to follow!


  1. If you like everything about the OG 10mm figures except the cast-on flag, you can always look at cutting it off and replacing it with a paper flag.

  2. I just picked up a bag of French command strips for $0.99 on eBay. There's nothing like seeing them up close, in your hand.

    First impressions? The flags are SMALL - they look like the soldiers took a napkin and painted it up to serve as a flag in an emergency. I think there's enough room around the shako to cut the flag free, so I'll definitely follow your suggestion.

    I might cut away the staff and replace it with a taller pole - assuming I can get the eagle cut away freely, and reattached to the top of the pole. Stay tuned!