Tuesday, February 19, 2013

FOW Soviets for Sale

I'm selling my FOW Soviets to make room for other projects. There are a slew of figures, and I admit that I'm not a professional photographer - the photos in no way do this collection justice. Here is a list of what I have. Please be sure to note the horde of infantry at the bottom: 10 T-34s (There are three platoons of three tanks apiece, plus one command tank. The first platoon is in all-white camo; the second has white turrets and glacis only, and the third platoon is in Southwestern Front brown overspray. The command tank is in all-white camo); 2 KV-1s and three armored cars. There is also a horde of infantry. I have the following: 2 45mm AT guns with crew; 5 HMGs with crew; 18 bases of SMGs; 9 SMG command bases; 3 FO bases; 27 rifle bases; 12 rifle command bases. Here are samples of the figures. I'm happy to take more photos if you need them. I'm looking for $300 plus shipping, or best offers. I can be reached at jcbminis@hotmail.com. Thanks for looking!

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